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Customized Wallpapers: 9 Stylish Ideas To Design Your Walls


Due to their immense popularity, it looks like wallpapers are here to stay for a few years at least. The designs and finishes look promising with a wide variety and top-notch quality. You can go for matte, glossy, washable, textured, or one with glitters or sequins. The possibilities are endless.

Then, we saw the advent of wallpaper customization. You can now paint any figment of your imagination onto your walls with the help of thousands of brands that offer bespoke wallpapers. One such manufacturer is the A2S Wallpapers And Designers by Arif Mohammad, which has been in the grind since 1972. They operated successfully in Dubai for more than twenty years and are now a pivotal name in the luxurious interiors in Mumbai.

Here are nine ideas for designing your walls with the number one wallpapers company in India right now.


1.   Bold Florals

Floral patterns have been a favorite in all sorts of design. They can instantly lift the mood and give a chic look, whether dresses or wallpapers.


2.   Marble Effect

A marbled wall is a contemporary way of doing things. They look incredibly classy and add a dimension to your space.


3.   Scenic Murals

Here’s how you can bring enchanting scenery from Kashmir right in front of your dining table; get a custom wallpaper printed for your iconic mural.


4.   Repetitive Motifs

It can be anything from flowers to abstract patterns to little teddy bears. Repetitive motifs are a classical way of decorating your walls in any corner of your house. Juvenile prints especially pair perfectly with kids’ rooms.


5.   Botanical Design

Did you know? The color green has a calming effect on your mental health. Plus, the leaf pattern is a way to add a natural element to your decor. These patterns have been a hit among interior designers for the last few years and are perfect for adding poise to any space.


6.   Accent Wallpapers

Modern wallpapers have now learned to incorporate different materials into unique textures. These materials are reed, leather, canvas, upholstery, and grasscloth. Accent wallpapers look great in commercial settings and even prettier at home as wall panels.


7.   Vintage Patterns

You could opt for a vintage pattern or motif if you are a fan of the classics. They add coziness to a place and make it look more welcoming. Just like your granny’s house!


8.   Geometrical Shapes

Geometry is not just a monotonous high-school subject but a popular wallpaper design. Geometrical shapes give an edge to the room without being overwhelming. Look for sharp lines and muted colors for the most modern makeover of your place.


9.   Rustic Style

Who doesn’t love a shabby-looking wooden wall? We sure do! But modern homes don’t always include rustic-style walls, and customized wallpapers could be a shortcut to one.



So there you have it, the nine most trending ideas to dress up your walls with wallpapers. And if you are in Mumbai, you are in for a treat! A2S Wallpapers And Designers can help turn your dream design into a reality (read: wallpaper).

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