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Wallpaper or Paint – Which Is Better?


Walls act as a canvas for your house to paint your interior designs. What happens if the canvas is not right? You may ruin the whole painting.

So let’s not ruin any art you plan on creating and get your walls right. How? The two most popular options for decorating them are: wall paints and wallpapers. We’ve seen both of them fight for supremacy over the years among the luxurious interiors in Mumbai.

Here, I’ll discuss where one is excellent, but the other? Well, not so good. We’ll crown a winner at the end, so keep reading.


1.   Cost

First up is the cost. Wall paints are cheaper to buy and require less labor. With the right tools and equipment, you may even nail a paint job yourself without taking the help of a professional.

On the other hand, wallpapers are a bit pricier, with an average roll costing 50 INR per square foot. Plus, if you decide to go for a designer one, the price can be somewhere around 500 INR per square foot. Then, you have to consider the cost for installation as wallpapers are a tad bit tricky to put up, and most require an expert’s touch.

So, as far as cost is concerned, paints are a better option. But we do have to look for a long-term option. That is where durability comes.


2.   Durability

You usually need to retouch or repaint your walls every five years or so. Paint is prone to scratches and imperfections, especially in high-traffic rooms.

However, wallpapers are much more durable. They last as long as fifteen years and are the best option for your most-used rooms. Modern variants are washable and incredibly resistant to moisture as well, plus you only need to keep wallpaper glue handy in case there is any tearing.

And so wallpapers are much more viable and an economical option if you keep the long-term costs in mind.


3.   Detailing

A well-designed wall can be a game-changer to your interior design. With just a little decadence in your walls, you’ll need minimal effort for styling anything else.

Creating patterns with paint is incredibly challenging and won’t give you the quality of detailing you are after. On the contrary, being artistic with wallpapers is pretty straightforward. They come in several designs, textures, and finishes and all you need to do is play with them. Perfectly coordinated wallpapers will make the dreamiest rooms.



Just as promised, we will announce the winner now. And the winner is *Drumroll* wallpapers!

They last much longer and give the most startling results. And their durability even takes over the one benefit paints have over them; the cost. They are economical in the long run because they will last more than a decade before you need to change them.

Now, where do I get the best wallpapers from?

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