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The Hottest Interior Designing Trend – Wallpapers


We have seen the design world shift from extremely muted tones and minimal patterns to bright colors and vivid details in the last couple of years. That’s when we saw the return of wallpapers in India as the most raging trend in interior designs.

“The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever. It is the ultimate mega transformation .”

World-renowned interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard told Vogue.

They are plain or patterned, glossy or matte, ordinary or designer. The possibilities are endless! Use the right one, and your mundane room can instantly turn chic.

So, let’s talk about how wallpaper helps bring out the true beauty of a place!


1.   They Can Be Bold

We are so done with all the beige and gray walls. They were now officially so last decade. The modern luxurious interiors in Mumbai are getting creative with flashy colors and striking patterns. And with wallpapers, it is easier to do so.

You can use contrasting color combinations and oversized patterns to add panache to your room makeover. You can also find some of the most conspicuous pieces from A2S Wallpapers And Designers if you can afford it to be the most eye-catching piece of your whole room.


2.   Or Stylish

The best way to add some style to your room is to make your walls stand out. You don’t need extra art pieces or accessories to glam up your room with designer wallpaper. It will single-handedly be the wow factor of your space.

Opt for a subtle marbled gold over white pattern or a more intricate floral pattern; wallpapers add a whole new dimension to your room.


3.   They Sure Are Versatile

You can put them up on your walls, ceilings, or even the doors of your wardrobe. The “wall” in their name is just a space-filler. Work up your brain muscles as wallpapers are as versatile as your imagination.

You can use them to cover up an old wardrobe or door panels to freshen up their look. And those window panels you’ve had for years? Add some pizzazz by covering them up with an artistic piece of wallpaper.


4.   They Bring In Nature

Are you a nature lover? Or is your apartment a little too far from the lush green trees of Kashmir? Now you can easily paint your favorite outdoor view on your walls by installing relevant wallpaper.

A tropical leaf pattern can be refreshing and brings spring to any corner you put it upon. Perhaps something more colorful with a few birds and flowers to go with.


5.   Plus Very Sustainable

Wallpapers are much more sustainable than paints due to their long life and durability. They can easily last as long as 15 years without needing a replacement. That’s why we are seeing massive support from modern interior designers due to the shift of trends to more sustainable options.



Ready to take on the contemporary interior designing trend? Give the number one wallpapers company in Mumbai, A2S Wallpapers And Designers by Arif Mohammad, a chance to revamp your interior spaces. They are a luxury brand of Dubai, and with Frencozy as their partner, they are retailing the best wallpapers in Mumbai.

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