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How To Choose The Right Wallpaper Like A Pro


Tired of coming home from work and staring at those same old bland walls every day? It is time to spice things up a little and think about revamping your home. We are not talking about a full overhaul, maybe just a face-lift.

Wallpapers are an excellent way to give your rooms an exuberant focal point, taking them from blah to awe. They give your home a special personal touch that speaks volumes about your personality when done right.

Here are a few tips on how you can spruce up your place by picking the right kind of wallpaper.


Observe Your Room’s Build And Form


Before you pick any wallpaper, the first thing you need to do is evaluate your room’s shape, size and lighting.

If your room is relatively small, you should go for wallpaper designs with light colours that are not too saturated with patterns. Just pick one wall where you want to focus your visual attention and add the appropriate wallpaper.

Also choose small patterns, as these often give the perception of a spacious wall.

On the other hand, in a bigger space, you can opt for more daring designs without worry.


A Good Colour


Now, picking the color(s) of wallpaper is the fun part. Here you need to think of your entire room as a whole. Your room theme and design need to coexist with your wallpaper. For example, light colours and motifs give the room an illuminated feeling without much light. If your room has a minimalist design, avoid vibrant or bold wallpaper.

Moreover, you need to pick colors that complement your room’s color palette. You don’t necessarily have to pick the same shade; try to pick the accent color from the palette as your main wallpaper color to create drama and contrast.


The Right Motif


Patterns and motifs define and emphasize your sense of style. Observe the style that identifies your room, and then choose the pattern or motif that best suits its aesthetic.

If your room style is art deco or glam, geometric designs highlight their artfulness perfectly. Similarly, if your room has tropical vibes, floral and leaf motifs will work coherently.


The Correct Wallpaper Material


There are a variety of wallpaper materials. You need to choose the material that suits your lifestyle better. For example, vinyl wallpaper is humidity resistant and washable, making it a perfect option for kid’s rooms, bathrooms or if you have pets.

On the contrary, printed wallpapers contain inked patterns to be used in master bedrooms and staircases where there are minimal chances of moisture. They, compared to vinyl, are a cheaper option.


Final Advice


Wallpaper choices describe the personality of a person. If you are shopping for wallpapers in Mumbai, check out A2S wallpapers and designers. We are leading the market in luxurious interior design in Mumbai – and you cannot go wrong with us.


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