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Frencozy Wallpapers – Why Are They A Hit Among Top-Tier Hotels?


Frencozy Wallpapers is a French interior decor brand specializing in dressing up walls with trendy and stunning wallpapers. They have been in the business since 1932 and quickly climbed their way to the top of wallpaper retailers.

They are now the go-to brand for the world’s most luxurious hotels like Atlantis, Hyatt, Marriott, and Radisson for all their wall decoration needs. Their glory is nowhere near its end by producing millions of square feet of wallpapers regularly.

A2S Wallpapers And Designers is India’s top distributor of Frencozy wallpapers. The director Arif Mohammad has made this world-renowned brand accessible to the luxurious interiors in Mumbai.

Here’s why Frencozy is so good at what it does, and why you should choose them if you are looking for the best wallpapers in India.


1.   Rich History

Frencozy was the pioneer of modern wallpaper printing. Formerly, any wall hangings and artwork were painted with hands and would take hours of strenuous work. The cost of the labor and manual error was another story. Imagine an artist with frail fingers and an aching back painting hundreds of square feet of wallpaper for your entire home!

That was when Frencozy put his printing machine to test and started printing wallpapers within less than a quarter of the original time. The artists were relieved, too; however, Frencozy still needed their skills. They painted intricate patterns and bespoke designs, then printed them into as many wallpapers as required.


2.   Successful Operation In Paris And UAE

After revolutionizing the printing methods, Frencozy upscaled his business by first spreading his wings all over France. After being the leading french wallpapers business, modern Frencozy merchandise went global by partnering with A2S Wallpapers And Designers in Dubai.

A2S designers helped Frencozy win the Arab hearts for more than two decades, and now the two partners are taking the wallpapers in Mumbai by storm.


3.   Variety Of Designs

The primary reason top-tier hotel brands love Frencozy is its immense designs. The brand did not stick to a single type of print or pattern but experimented with genius artists’ ideas.

From stunning geometrics to intricate murals, there’s a design for every taste. Brilliant colors and fine printing made them the most famous wallpapers in Mumbai.


4.   Multiple Finishes

The designs are versatile, but there are also multiple finishes available. Varnished wallpapers are a good choice for stairways, bathrooms, kitchens, or any other place with abundant moisture. Suppose you have kids that can scribble or spill over your walls, go for the washable finish. In contrast, the glossy one is the top pick for creating a classy and chic look all over your home.


5.   Competitive Price

The most attractive feature of Frencozy and A2S wallpapers is their competitive price point. No one wants to go bankrupt while buying wallpapers, and getting an appropriate manufacturer and retailer is the right way to do it.


So if you are ready to turn your home into an interior designing masterpiece, make sure to check some of Frencozy’s statement pieces at the A2S Wallpapers And Designer’s website.

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