The Hottest Interior Designing Trend – Wallpapers

Introduction We have seen the design world shift from extremely muted tones and minimal patterns to bright colors and vivid details in the last couple of years. That’s when we saw the return of wallpapers in India as the most raging trend in interior designs. “The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever. It is […]

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper Like A Pro

Introduction Tired of coming home from work and staring at those same old bland walls every day? It is time to spice things up a little and think about revamping your home. We are not talking about a full overhaul, maybe just a face-lift. Wallpapers are an excellent way to give your rooms an exuberant […]

Frencozy Wallpapers – Why Are They A Hit Among Top-Tier Hotels?

Introduction Frencozy Wallpapers is a French interior decor brand specializing in dressing up walls with trendy and stunning wallpapers. They have been in the business since 1932 and quickly climbed their way to the top of wallpaper retailers. They are now the go-to brand for the world’s most luxurious hotels like Atlantis, Hyatt, Marriott, and […]

Customized Wallpapers: 9 Stylish Ideas To Design Your Walls

Introduction Due to their immense popularity, it looks like wallpapers are here to stay for a few years at least. The designs and finishes look promising with a wide variety and top-notch quality. You can go for matte, glossy, washable, textured, or one with glitters or sequins. The possibilities are endless. Then, we saw the […]

Wallpaper or Paint – Which Is Better?

Introduction Walls act as a canvas for your house to paint your interior designs. What happens if the canvas is not right? You may ruin the whole painting. So let’s not ruin any art you plan on creating and get your walls right. How? The two most popular options for decorating them are: wall paints […]